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Cowley White London is an award winning landscape design company established in 1991 in San Francisco-California to create fine gardens. The company continues to undertake select commissions in the US and throughout Europe. The company primarily concentrates on high-end residential landscape design, consultancy and project management, working in conjunction with leading architects, interior designers, developers and construction companies for a broad spectrum of private clients.

Associated companies: White Dutton London & Wilkinson White London., specialises in creating parks/ gardens / roof terraces and outside spaces which relate carefully in style and proportion to the architecture of the specific property. In order to create a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces that harmonize the house with the surrounding landscape.

Including Positioning of the house itself on the plot (if new-build) / all outdoor spaces/ pools/ driveway approach / tennis courts etc, which is an essential part of the design process. This creates a unified cohesive design for the whole property.

Working extensively abroad, the company was originally formed in 1991 in San Francisco, California USA. Now focussing mainly on projects in London and the UK, Italy, Greece and the USA, as well as Middle East and South East Asia.

Typical projects involve a collaboration between Clients/Architects and Interior designers from the outset, which ensures the creation of a well considered project. offers services ranging from small scale one-off design schemes to full design, management and consultancy services from design to handover. Please contact us for referral to view suitable similar projects.